Monday, 25 October 2010

Greece can't cope with Turkish immigration

The European Empire has despatched Rapid Border Intervention Teams to try and seal the Greece-Turkey border because Greece can no longer cope with the number of illegal immigrants making their way in from Turkey.

According to the EU's own border control quango, Frontex, 90% of illegal immigrants caught trying to get into the European Empire were coming over the Greece-Turkey border.  The Greek government has asked the EU to send in Rapid Border Invention Teams because they can no longer deal with the influx of asylum seekers.  There is a backlog of 52,000 asylum claims in Greece that have yet to be dealt with.

If the European Empire can't cope with the 350 illegal immigrants who enter Greece every day, how are they going to cope with the 74 million Turks who will have the right to live and work anywhere in the European Empire if and when Turkey eventually joins the EU gravy train?  Millions of Turks will make their way into the EU via Greece, putting an intolerable strain on every member state but particularly Greece and Bulgaria as the gateway to the Ægean.
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