Saturday, 13 November 2010

Details Emerge of Plan to Indoctrinate Britain by EU Since 1970

A fellow blogger who does not want to be named has put to my attention a series of memos which are absolutely mind blowing. I am not one to use hyperbole or to exaggeration something, but the information contained in these secret memos are potentially explosive, especially if the right people get their hands on it and pay it the attention that it deserves.

A confidential memo from 1970 was very silently released not too long ago as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. This is not any memo, it is the one that reveals the extent and nature of plans made to propaganderise and indoctrinate the people of Britain in to becoming "pro-marketeers" (pseudo speak for pro-EU in the 1970's).

I haven't had time to go through the entire memo and other documents, once I do I will submit a fuller report, but for now some of the most shocking of the revelations include:
  • evidence that lists of influential pro and anti EEC (EU) people and organisations were drawn up
  • these lists included Radio and Television producers
  • the Conservative Group for Europe was involved in this indoctrination efforts
  • people pro to the EEC/EU project of influence were told to write specifically to The Times, but in a "not-so-obvious way"
  • a programme of pro EEC/EU speakers was drawn up to speak at constituencies identified to have an MP who is 'doubtful about entry'
  • a campaign of letter writing to those MPs was also promoted
  • both the Labour Party AND the Conservative Party were involved with the overall publicity campaign by the EEC/EU (including television scripts)
  • promotional films to be shown overseas (in Europe) about Britain to lend "formidabble support to European ends"
With such quotes as:
if distinguished pro-marketeers are quickly identified when visiting Britain, the IAD machine will work all the more efficiently.
The 'IAD machine' here refers to the Information Administration Department, to put it more bluntly, the Ministry of Propaganda.

More information to follow once I look in to all of it and in further detail. I would simply upload the documents myself but I know the severity of all this will be lost in a sea of information. Instead, I will release information incrementally. This is not down to me feeling you, the reader is too stupid or careless, but rather that I, as a reader myself, know the all too fleeting temptation to get lost in a monstrous sea of information.

Watch this space.