Tuesday, 30 November 2010

If Liam Fox still believes defence is a sovereign area, why is he handing it to the EU?

The Conservatives (as senior partner in the coalition) continue to show their true colous regarding the European Union.

July 2008, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan asked "Will David Cameron be Britains first Eurosceptic Prime Minister?"

October 2010, another Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer gave the answer "We’ve been handing powers to Brussels faster than Labour" !

This very latest example is in the most sensitive of all soverign issues - that of defence.

In February 2008 Liam Fox (then shadow Defence minister) gave a speech regarding how the Lisbon Treaty will damage the defence of the UK.

As recently as January 2009, Liam Fox sought to establish his (and his parties) EUSceptic credentials, and commitment to the military defence of our soverign nation, with the clear declaration that "We didn't join the EU for defence reasons we have Nato for that".

And again in September 2009, Liam Fox, in an interview with Defence News reiterated his (supposed) belief and commitment that the defence of the UK was not an issue for the EU.

But now, November 2010, Liam Fox is finally reported as continuing David Camerons and the Conservatives embracing of the idea of the UK as simply a region of the EU and no longer a soverign nation. As the FT reports that Liam Fox has abandoned his pledge to take the UK out of the 'European Defence Agency' and now merely seeks to freeze its budget.

Nothing that was said earlier (aparantly sincerely) about how the Lisbon Treaty, the EU, the European Defence Agency would damage the UK as a soverign nation and damage our defensive capability has changed.

So Liam Fox, David Cameron and the Conservative party have some explaining to do - why are they destroying the UK?