Tuesday, 11 January 2011

William Hague says we need a law to protect democracy from the EU

The EU Bill had its first day of parliamentary scrutiny today and it was a bit of a farce.

Me and Dave have checked the instruction
book Gordon left behind and Dave says we
can have a referendum. Scouts honour.
Tory MP, Bill Cash, has tabled a number of amendments to make it do what it says on the tin and fellow Tory MP, Douglas Carswell, called it a "bogus EU bill". Labour MP, Yvette Cooper, describes it as "badly drafted and contradictory".  William Hague, meanwhile, describes it as "the strongest defence of national democracy put in place anywhere in Europe".

It's an interesting comment from Little Willy.  He says it's the strongest defence of national democracy anywhere in Europe.  Why do Switzerland, Norway, Russia or any of the other countries in Europe that haven't stupidly signed themselves up to the EU project need a law to defend their national democracy?  They don't because they don't have the EU trying to steal it from them.

And surely this is the first time a front bench MP from one of the pro-EU parties has admitted that we need laws to defend our national democracy from the EU, that the EU is actively trying to undermine our sovereignty?

An unexpected and presumably unintentional admission from the Tory Foreign Minister that the EU is working against our national interest.