Saturday, 26 February 2011

Can UKIP survive without Nigel Farage?

The one thing that unifies UKIP supporters and UKIP enemies is the belief that without Nigel Farage, UKIP will die a painful death. I believe, they are wrong on many levels. The enemies of UKIP are suffering from a mild dose of severe wishful thinking and the members of UKIP who think the same are suffering from an inability to past the end of their nose.

Whilst Nigel Farage is the single most common reason why people first heard about or joined UKIP it would be both foolish and offensive to suggest that without Nigel Farage the party would die a death.

Of course, Nigel Farage is a fascinatingly dynamic individual who could charm a Horse to drink water and is a hugely persuasive individual. There is no denying that. The only people that do, tend to be the ones who take issue that shock horror, the leader of a party asks for some discipline amongst members.

There are many talented members of UKIP. Some are young individuals who have not been around for long and others are UKIP work horses who have been around longer than some of us have had hot dinners. Whether or not Nigel Farage was to leave UKIP, of which nothing suggests he will any time soon, UKIP are covered for the immediacy of such a thing and the long term of such a thing happening.

So, to the UKIP members who worry for UKIP anno domini, stop insulting yourselves and your party with the thought that everything is down to one individual. The only time UKIP will ever die is the day the members all leave, which is never going to happen. One man, regardless of how great he is, is not the supporting beam and the trophy roof all at once.

Remember, many people wrote Labour off when Tony Blair left. They are now leading in the opinion polls. When Thatcher left the Tories many Conservatives started writing their party wills and for many years wrote their own party off.

The reason that these two parties survived despite losing two massive figures was down to one thing and one thing only. Their members.

And guess what, we have a bonus. Our members are far more talented, committed and ready than any member of any political party ever has been.

Nigel Farage is only as dynamic and influential as the party members are. That can mean only one thing, there will be life after Nigel.

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