Monday, 7 February 2011

Steve Allison appointed Vice Chair

Former UKIP Hartlepool Borough Councillor, Steve Allison, has been appointed Vice Chairman of UKIP.

Steve was elected to the NEC last year and was on Tom Congdon's campaign team for the leadership election.  His appointment to a senior post is interesting because he's not a Faragista.

Other party leaders like Cameron and Clegg and the Millibeast surround themselves with yes-men.  Senior positions in the LibLabCon are rewards for being a sycophant; in UKIP it's because you've got talent.  It's one of the things that make UKIP different from the tired old parties.

Steve's is very much in favour of openness and reform in the party and quite openly speaks his mind if he disagrees with a decision.  In other words, he's exactly what we need in a Vice Chairman.  If you fill the upper echelons of your party with people who only ever tell you what you want to hear then you quickly lose touch with your membership with disastrous consequences.  You only have to look at the rapidly shrinking membership of the Conservatives and the open revolt of the remains of their membership over their europhilia for a case in point.

Good luck Steve and good luck anyone who crosses him!