Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's "B" Day for Jane Collins

Barnsley goes to the polls today in the second by-election in the last few months to replace a thieving, corrupt LibLabCon politician.

Thieving Labour MP, Andrew Illsley, was convicted of making illegal expenses claims recently and so was removed from his seat.  Jane Collins - the daughter of a Yorkshire miner - is flying the UKIP banner in this by-election and according to the polling company Survation, is on target to knock the Limp Dims out of third place.

A third place for Jane would be a great success for UKIP who have been firmly established as the fourth party in the UK.  Recent local elections, Paul Nuttall's very strong performance in the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election (caused by another thieving Labour MP, Phil Woolas, being convicted of stealing from the taxpayer) and a number of opinion polls have shown that UKIP is a rapidly rising force in domestic politics.

The people of Barnsley have a chance today to kick out the tired old corrupt politics of the LibLabCon and replace it with the new small government of UKIP.  They won't of course because most people in Barnsley would vote for one of the puppets of the Compare the Market adverts if it wore a red rosette.  But they are enough people in Barnsley who vote with their heads to give the LibLabCon the bloody nose it deserves.

Good luck Jane.
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