Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The treason of Andrew Duff MEP

Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff, has written to the President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Burek, asking him to amend the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty to allow new and amended EU treaties to be imposed on us with a vote of 4/5ths of member states rather than by a unanimous decision.

Andrew Duff MEP working for the French
"yes" campaign for the EU Constitution
The letter makes it clear that this amendment - which he has even drafted in his letter - is to make the already pathetic and ineffectual EU Bill entirely redundant but removing the requirement for the British government to approve any EU Treaty and its ability (albeit only technically possible) to refuse to assent to one.

Looking at Andrew Duff's news feed it looks like the treasonous MEP has set his heart on betraying his country. In this letter to Baroness Jay opposing the EU Bill, he argues against the sovereignty of the British Parliament over the EU, warning that the "crude" Bill "imposes British Acts of Parliament" on EU laws.  He draws Baroness Jay's attention to the example set by the Germans who have changed their constitution to ban referenda and commit Germany to ever closer union.  But what would you expect from a traitor that was a member of the Federal Trust and helped to write the EU Convention on Human Rights (which gives prisoners the right to vote - something he says he supports) and the EU Constitution.

Although the death penalty was abolished for treason by the previous Labour government to protect themselves from conviction, Andrew Duff should remember that treason remains a serious crime in England and anyone aiding and abetting him is committing a serious common law offence.  I wonder if the fools that voted for this europhile traitor could be tried for misprison of treason?  I think I'd rather give the vote to prisoners than Lib Dems.
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