Thursday, 10 March 2011

UKIP level with Lib Dems in Wales

A YouGov poll for ITV has UKIP joint third in Wales on 5% with the Limp Dims.

All your Wales are belong to us
The sample size is quiet low at 1,019 but anything over a thousand is considered a representative sample in surveys and it bodes well for UKIP.

Getting an MEP elected in Wales in the 2009 EU election was a shock to everyone, including John Bufton and there has been no capitalisation on that success until now.  It is conceivable that UKIP could end up with a couple of AMs in May and that will certainly shock the establishment.

At the UKIP Party Conference last week Nigel Farage announced that the party would be adopting a policy of a federal UK with devolved government in all four home nations.  After the referendum for more devolution in Wales last week returned a 63.49% "yes" vote, it's essential that UKIP policy is changed before the elections in May to reflect the reality of public opinion.

The Scots and Welsh have voted for devolution every time they've been asked and if the English were ever asked they would vote for it too.  We simply cannot go into the elections in May opposing devolution when public opinion is consistently and overwhelmingly in favour of it.
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