Friday, 4 March 2011

Wales says yes, UKIP says no

The Welsh voted for more powers for the Welsh Assembly today.

At the moment, the British government has to pass a law to allow the Welsh government to pass a law.  It's a ridiculous way of doing things and the Welsh have rightly voted to stop the buggering about and just let the Welsh government pass its own laws.

In all, 63.49% of those who took part in the referendum (36.5% of registered voters) voted for more devolution for Wales.  Which shows up exactly how utterly ridiculous it is to contest the Welsh Assembly elections this year with a policy of abolishing it!

And before any anti-devolution UKIPpers point to the low turnout and suggest it's not representative of public opinion, the turnout in Barnsley yesterday was also 36.5%.

UKIPpers who want UKIP to adopt a sensible policy on devolution might want to check out the 1997 Group.