Sunday, 17 April 2011

Good Luck Timo

Finland goes to the polls today to elect a government and politicians across the EU will be watching it with great interest.

The True Finns Party, led by Timo Soini, is polling level with the europhile establishment parties and one of their "red lines" that they won't compromise on in coalition talks is their insistence that Finland's membership of the EU must not be formalised in the Finnish constitution.

True Finns have been campaigning against Finland's involvement in bailing out Portugal, with Soini asking "Why should Finland bail anyone out? We won't allow Finnish cows to be milked by other hands".  He's a eurosceptic of sorts, pointing out that Greece and Portugal have little in common with Finland and his party sits alongside UKIP in the sceptic/reformist Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD).  Like UKIP, the True Finns Party are also campaigning against unfettered immigration.

While the True Finns are some way left of UKIP, we do have a lot in common and of course on the big issue of the European Empire, we're certainly on the same side.