Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sack Abhijit Pandaya

The UKIP candidate in the Leicester South by-election, Abhijit Pandya, has called for workshy muslims to be forcibly repatriated in his blog.

Reading through his entire post, he actually makes some very good points about the ghettoisation and Islamisation of neighbourhoods with almost exclusively muslim populations and the high rate of unemployment there - I've been to a lot of these places in different jobs I've done and it's a real problem that the LibLabCon don't have an answer to.  And the way women are treated by fundamentalists in the name of religion is just wrong on any moral scale.

But all this is overshadowed by bloody stupid comments calling for forced repatriation of muslims without a "work ethic".  How can this man be head of research, advisor on community cohesion and PPC for a constituency where 40% of the population are from an ethnic minority when he starts parroting BNP policy?