Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Treasonous Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff, is at it again

The treasonous eurofederalist Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff, is at it again.

In March he wrote to the President of the EU Parliament asking him to amend the EU Constitution to remove the ability of the British government to veto new or amended treaties.  Now he's behind an attempt to increase the size of the EU Parliament with 25 new MEPs who won't be attached to any country and will be candidates of pan-EU groups that have to meet quotas of female candidates from 13 member states - in other words, only the corrupt traitor groupings that the LibLabCon belong to.

Duff said "The opportunity of using a second vote for transnational MEPs should galvanise voters who have come to recognise that national political parties no longer work to sustain European integration in an efficient or democratic way".