Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bufton gets it wrong again

UKIP MEP for Wales, John Bufton, has written to the Shropshire Star (yes, Shropshire is in England) expressing concern that the Welsh Assembly might take on tax raising powers.

Following the referendum earlier this year, the Welsh government can take fiscal powers from the British government giving it the power to vary taxes in Wales as the Scottish government currently does (but chooses not to do, preferring to spend English money instead).

Bufton campaigned for a no vote in the referendum for extra powers for the Welsh government and 63.49% of people voted for them.  He campaigned alongside UKIP candidates against the very existence of the Welsh Assembly and we didn't get a single seat.  Welsh people want more devolution, not less.

Once again Bufton is wrong on devolution and to add insult to injury, he's complaining about an expansion of powers in Wales in an English newspaper knowing full well that despite 7 out of 10 people in England saying they want devolution, the British government won't let us have equality with the Welsh.  Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.  If only we in England had the luxury of arguing about how much power our government should have - we don't even have one!

You can help send the message to Bufton and the other Big Britishers in the party that they have to stop their crusade for a return to 18th Century Britain, move with the times and listen to the people.

Pledge your support for the UKIP 1997 Group's call for UKIP to adopt a sensible devolution policy and make the party electable!
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