Wednesday, 4 May 2011

EU threatens fines for public bodies that don't fly their flag

The EU has decreed that any public body spending "EU money" must fly the EU ring of stars logo all of next week to "celebrate" EU day and threatened fines to any public body that doesn't comply.

They have even been told them they have to take pictures of the blue and yellow rag on their building and send them to the EU to prove they've been flying it to avoid the fines.

So what does the useless British government have to say about this?  The ConDem government that says it's going to get tough on EU power grabs?
Not only is it unacceptable to threaten to fine people for not flying a flag, this is unnecessary and pointless red tape. The European Union should be focusing on ensuring that taxpayers are receiving value for money, and clamping down on fraud and corruption in EU-funded projects
So they're going to tell the EU to bugger off, right?
It is understood ministers will not defy the edict because breaching the regulations could lead to taxpayers’ cash being wasted on paying Brussels fines.
That's a no then.  The EU only has the power to fine us because the British government allows it to.  If Pickles, Cameron or any other quisling MP had any balls they'd tell the EU to take a running jump but of course they won't because the Conservatives are a pro-EU party.  David Cameron has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he believes the EU and our membership of the EU is a good thing.

I guess now we know why the flag flying rules were changed a couple of years ago to put the EU logo on an equal footing with national flags.  It was described as a "tidying up exercise" to "simplify" the rules so that people could fly national flags whenever they wanted to.  Flying national flags was already allowed but to fly the EU rag needed planning permission and a number of councils and even the EU Commission in London were found to have flown the ring of stars logo without planning permission and forced to remove them while they applied.  Now the law has been changed to give the EU rag the same status as national flags, there is no excuse for not flying it from public buildings when the EU demands it with menaces.

I have written to the leader of my local council today to ask that they make a stand against the EU supreme soviet.  I know it will probably lead to the council being fined but I'd rather my council tax was spent on a legal challenge to the fine than see that hateful rag replace the Cross of St George on the council offices.
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