Monday, 6 June 2011

The HardPounding UKIP Podcast- OUT NOW!


The HardPounding UKIP Podcast is out now. This is the first episode of what is sure to be many more to come. In the show we discuss various topics including UKIP's views on cuts, Marta Andreasen's comments about Nigel Farage, David Campbell Bannerman's defection to the Tories and the Pan European Party debate where we interview Sean Howlett from the YES side of the argument.

Your comments are welcome. Was it too long? Was it too short? Should there have been more topics covered? What topics would you like covered for the next show? Would you like to appear on the show? Would you prefer it in a different file format? Would you prefer to be able to stream it online? Want iTunes integration? Good or bad, we're open to feedback!

Order of topics:

1. Introduction
2. Rally Against Debt
3.UKIP's views on cuts
4. David Campbell Bannerman's defection
5. Marta Andreasen's calls for Nigel Farage to resign as leader
6. The Pan European Party issue
7. Sean Howlett argues why we should vote yes to PEP
8. Outro

Length: 30 mins

Don't forget to share the HardPounding UKIP Podcast with your UKIP friends and family!

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