Monday, 25 July 2011

Griffin wins BNP leadership election; just 2,305 votes cast

It's been largely ignored by the media but the BNP have had a leadership election and Nick Griffin has today been declared the winner by a margin of just 9 votes.

Griffin was opposed by Andrew Brons, the BNP's other MEP.

The tiny margin is interesting but the most interesting thing about the leadership election is the number of votes - only 2,305 ballot papers were returned which would suggest that the active/interested membership of the BNP is about the same as the number of people living in the same housing estate as me.

It's widely believed that the next stop for Brons is the English Democrats who have been actively recruiting BNP members lately.  Recruiting Brons will drive a great many members away from the English Democrats but both the de jure and de facto leaders of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook and Steve Uncles, are owed a lot of money by their party and an MEP's expenses will go some way to helping them recoup some of their losses.