Thursday, 7 July 2011

Meaningless words and empty promises from a proven liar

There must have been a huge sigh of relief at the Express offices last night when Downing Street churned out some propaganda that they could spin into a Cast Iron Guarantee™ from Cast Iron Dave on the EU.

Cameron has promised to negotiate a new relationship between the UK and the EU and claw back power from the EU.  He says that with the collapse of the euro, the eurozone members will have to get even closer politically and that can be used to negotiate a looser relationship.

Setting aside the fact that a promise from Camoron is utterly worthless, the key word is "negotiate".  Giving power away to the EU can be done unilaterally, taking it back requires the unanimous agreement of every member state and that's not going to happen.  To forcibly take it back would require a government with some backbone rather than this bunch of europhile quislings in Westminster.
There will be opportunities for Britain to maximise what we want in terms of our engagement with Europe.
Who is this "we" Dave?  Most of us want to leave the EU, we want nothing more than free trade which is what the country voted for all those years ago.  Somehow I don't think that's going to be on the agenda is it?
I got us out of the bailout mechanism, which has been used repeatedly and from 2013 cannot be used again, so I think I exacted a good and fair price for Britain.
2013?  2013!  How many more bailouts will there have been by 2013?  Greece has had 2 bailouts in two years, Portugal is on its way to a second bailout and Ireland is only treading water thanks to an extra bailout direct from the UK.  And we'll still be paying into the bailouts via the IMF.  We shouldn't have paid a penny into propping up a foreign currency, especially one that has been doomed since its inception.

Meaningless words and empty promises from a proven liar days after reaffirming the British government's commitment to ever closer political union.