Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Poland to promote more united Europe during presidency

The rabidly europhile Polish government says its 6 month presidency of the EU will be marked by a vigorous promotion of a more united Europe and an attempt to drum up enthusiasm for the failing political project.

The Poles are loving all the money they're getting from the EU and the right to move away from their relatively poor country and live and work in relatively rich EU countries and as such opinion polls have support for the EU in Poland as high as 80%.  Little wonder when they are a net receiver of EU money (our taxes) and can live and work in the UK (despite the fact we don't have enough jobs and houses to go around the people already living here) and claim benefits for the children they have left at home.

The Polish government will be aided and abetted by the President of the EU Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, who is also a rabidly europhile Pole.