Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cameron says no EU referendum

Cast Iron Dave's political private secretary has told a Conservative member from Oxford who was threatening to resign over his broken Cast Iron Guarantee™ to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty that there will not be a referendum on membership of the EU.

The letter says that we should celebrate the EU's "useful work" in equipping us for global competitiveness, global warming and global poverty.  What it doesn't say is that before we joined the EU, we were part of the largest trading block the world has ever seen - the Commonwealth - and that EU economic policy has produced the vanity project that is the mortally wounded €uro.  It also doesn't say that through EU regulations and the stupidity of the British government, what's left of our industry is being legislated out of existence by environmental laws based the global warming climate change global climate disruption myths perpetuated by corrupt "scientists" who are motivated by greed making millions from the scam.  It also fails to mention that thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy - which costs one third of all the money the EU extorts from the taxpayer - is the biggest cause of poverty in Africa.

The letter goes on to say that we don't need a referendum on membership of the EU because we already had one in 1975 and that was a resounding "yes" and because most people, apparently, don't want to say yes or no.

The referendum in 1975 - which nobody currently under the age of 53 was able to vote in - was on the UK joining the Common Market (or so the proles were told), not a political union with an EU government that can make laws that supercede our own.  Most people voted yes because they were conned by Ted Heath, the biggest traitor since Lord Haw Haw.  In a referendum today most people would vote to leave the EU, there is no doubt about that.  But if there is doubt in the minds of Cast Iron Dave and the europhiles he has surrounded himself with in the Conservative & ٨European Unionist Party then all they have to do is ask the electorate what they want in a referendum!

If Cameron says there is no way we will be having a referendum on EU membership, why bother setting up the ePetitions website?  The outcome of the debate on EU membership that will come from the EU referendum petition getting 100,000 signatures is obviously going to be irrelevant.
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