Tuesday, 30 August 2011

John Redwood abandons his principles

John Redwood has joined the ranks of Tories who profess to be eurosceptic but have come out in support their party's pro-EU policy of reforming the EU, not leaving it.

Redwood joins the likes of William Hague, Roger Helmer and Dan Hannan in selling the Tory con of repatriating powers from the EU - something that simply isn't possible to do - to convince eurosceptics that there's still a chance of the Tories rediscovering their eurosceptic roots.

You can read John Redwood abandoning his principles here and my comment is as follows:
I disagree, first, with the suggestion that polling shows the electorate is not about to elect a UKIP MP. The last couple of by-elections UKIP has contested have shown a massive increase in support for the party and UKIP have finished ahead of the Conservatives.

Secondly, your idea that we should renegotiate is all well and good but it can never happen. The EU is on a one-way street, it’s not possible to repatriate powers from Brussels. Any superficial repatriation of power will require a much bigger handover of power to secure it. Taking back any power from the EU requires the unanimous agreement of all EU member states and that will never happen because they’re all lead by eurofederalists.

Thirdly (and most importantly), there will never be a meaningful change for the better in our relationship with the EU because your leader is raging europhile himself. He supports ever-closer union, he supports the continued loss of sovereignty to the EU, he supports the massive bailouts we can’t afford to keep the euro afloat, he supports the continued £77bn annual financial cost of EU membership and he abhors the idea of democracy. Maybe if you could purge the Conervative leadership of europhiles I could just about believe that there was an outside chance that the Conservatives might possibly make a vague effort to at least stem the tide of lost sovereignty to the EU but with this bunch of europhile traitors, there’s more chance of Greece getting a AAA credit rating by Christmas than there is of the Conservatives becoming even vaguely eurosceptic.

You’re not naive John so I can only assume that you’ve decided to follow Dan Hannan’s lead and try and con the electorate to prop up your party.
Redwood has replied to a number of comments defending the Tories and talking down UKIP but not mine ...
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