Saturday, 27 August 2011

Peterborough LibLabCon taking councillor allowances

Prospective LibLabCon councillors in Peterborough are being told to give part of their allowances to their parties to help pay for campaigning if they get elected.

Labour are telling candidates they will have to donate 10% of their allowances to their local Labour Party if they are elected, the Tories expect their candidates to give a minimum of £300 per year if elected and the Lib Dems advise their candidates (it's not compulsory but the application form asks if they will so it's obvious which candidates won't be selected) to donate unspecified amounts.

The Peterborough branch of UKIP doesn't ask candidates to agree to donate part of their allowances and its Chairman, Robin Talbot, told Peterborough Today that if councillors don't need all their allowances then they could take less and council tax could be cut.
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