Friday, 30 September 2011

Checking if people are eligible for benefits is illegal

The EU Commission has decided that checking if people claiming benefits are actually allowed to live in this country and claim benefits is illegal.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of state for the DWP EU administrator for social security, said:
[This] could mean the British taxpayer paying out over £2bn extra a year in benefits to people who have no connection to our country and who have never paid in a penny in tax.

The EU settlement is supposed to protect the right of member states to make their own social security arrangements.

But we are now seeing a rising tide of judgements from the European institutions using other legal avenues to erode away these rights, and we should be gravely concerned.
So what's he going to do about?  Is he going to tell the EU Commission to bog off?  Is he going to tell them it's up to us who we give our money to?  No, he's going to tell the media how damaging it is to our economy and how the EU is damaging our country and then continue representing the pro-EU Conservatives in their pro-EU government.