Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chumbawumba can go tubthump themselves

Chumbawumba performing at their sell out gig

For those who were unable to go to the conference this month Nigel Farage was complimented with his walk on to stage to the sound of Chumbawumba's one hit wonder song 'Tubthumping'.

A very apt and tongue in cheek song of choice for Farage, where the lyrics talk about being knocked down but always getting back up again as well as 'pissing the night away'.

The Guardian, in true guardinsta fashion found out about this and decided to stick their oar in to start stirring. They contacted Chumbawumba for their 'thoughts', despite knowing pretty well that the band (that no longer exists) are a poor man's version of anarchistic musical pioneers the Sex Pistols.

The comments from Chumbawumba were the standard drivel you'd expect from 'anarchists', accusing UKIP of being a vile racist party and the like as well as their strained outrage. As far as I am concerned, the only genuine outrage they may have is receiving no money from UKIP, particularly when accepting money would go against their 'principles', thus being found to be in a situation where all they could do is feign the moral high ground.

Bizarrely, the anarchist band also threatened 'legal action'. Let me repeat that. The anarchist band, threatened legal action. The irony is sweet.

Their only hit Tubthumping was followed up by the lyrically complex track 'Amnesia' which went something along the lines of "do you suffer from short term memory loss.. ..I can't remember". Funnily enough, the latter part of these lyrics pretty much sums up the mark they left on the music world.