Thursday, 1 September 2011

EU bans 60w light bulbs

The production and import of 60w incandescent light bulbs is banned from today by order of the EU.

The 100w bulb has been banned for a while now and many turned to the 60w bulb as an alternative to the expensive, dim energy saving bulbs that were supposed to replace the 100w bulb.  Now these have been banned and the only option once stocks of incandescent bulbs have run out is expensive mercury-filled inferior energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs which are prohibitively expensive for most people.

Just a quick reminder of what's wrong with the EU's "environmentally friendly" energy saving bulbs:

  • Expensive
    They are many times more expensive than incandescent lightbulbs, thanks in part to protectionist EU tariffs on imported energy saving bulbs to help (expensive) German manufacturer, Osram, compete with companies in the far east
  • Poisonous
    They contain mercury which is highly toxic to humans and animals
  • Poor light
    The energy saving "equivalent" of incandescent bulbs give out a dull, washed-out light
  • Safe disposal
    You aren't supposed to throw energy saving bulbs in your ordinary rubbish bin because of the poisonous contents
  • Health risks
    Energy saving bulbs can induce fits in people with photosensitive epilepsy, they can cause skin problems for people with photosensitive skin and they can cause problems for people with ME
  • Dimmers
    They generally don't work with them and those that do are expensive
  • Heat
    They don't emit any - don't underestimate the amount of heat an incandescent light bulb can put into a room, cutting heating bills by a tangible amount
  • Less electricity?
    They use less electricity than incandescent bulbs but because they're so dim you often need to put more lights on to light the same area, wiping out the savings