Friday, 9 September 2011

Former Chumbawamba band members whinge about UKIP

According to the Guardian, Chumbawamba have thrown their teddies out of their prams over UKIP using their song, Tubthumping, at the conference today.

Apparently they reacted with "total and absolute outrage and horror" when they heard that it was used.  One of their former band members, a mega-rich far left "anarchist" called Dunstan Bruce, called UKIP a "grubby little organisation".  Another former band member, another mega-rich far left "anarchist" called Alice Nutter, called Nigel Farage "an arse", UKIP members as "bigots" and said UKIP policies are "racist".  She also mis-spells "Farage" throughout her quote.

Two former band members having a whinge doesn't exactly justify the Guardian's headline "Chumbawamba go Tubthumping crazy over Ukip's use of No1 hit" but you wouldn't expect a far left rag like the Guardian to report on a UKIP conference objectively would you?