Sunday, 4 September 2011

Neil Hamilton joins UKIP

Former Tory MP, Neil Hamilton, has come out in support of UKIP in the Daily Express.
I have become active in the fight to restore democracy and self-government to the United Kingdom.

The Conservative Party has long since abandoned these beliefs and UKIP is now the only credible means of getting Britain out of the EU.
Christine in UKIP colours, even at
the most intimate of times!
Hamilton is standing for election to the UKIP National Executive Council which seems to be par for the course for any "celebrity" joining the party.  Personally, I would ban new members from standing for election to the NEC until they have been members for 12 months.  I would also ban new members from standing for election as MPs or MEPs until they've either been a member for 6 months or are already an MP or MEP to weed out carpetbaggers and egotists.

That said, I'm glad yet another well known Tory has seen sense and joined UKIP.