Monday, 26 September 2011

What people really care about - and why UKIP is the answer.

Recent polling identified 4 public priorities - in order of importance they are:

1) Economy and Jobs (66%)
2) NHS (44%)
3) Immigration (38%)
4) The Deficit (32%)

At 32% it seems the deficit is almost an irrelevant technicality to most... its the impact that matters to people - much like 'the EU' itself not being an issue, just everything it does!

So UKIP's messages on these issues are:

'Economy and Jobs' - Becoming an independent country once again will give the UK huge new opportunities... We don't have to let the Germans make all the trains or let France make all the cars - we can make these things for ourselves and can have a potential export market of the whole world. As an independent country we can also ensure the jobs created in the UK are first offered to UK citizens - increasing employment opportunities and cutting the national benefits bill.

'NHS' - one reason the NHS is creaking because of unfettered immigration stretching it too thin - we can't afford to treat the whole EU - only as an independent country can we start to address this. Ensuring our resources are first applied to our own citizens.

'Immigration' - while in the EU the UK government has no power to do any thing about immigration - EU citizens can come and go as they please, and the EU is also signing agreements specifically to open UK borders to people from other non-EU countries. As an independent country the UK can ensure that immigration and migration is controlled so it only occurs where it benefits the UK and its people.

'The Deficit' - well fix the previous three by becoming an independent country again and the deficit will be gone in no time... as will the national debt (and its massive interest payments)...

The EU is at the root of most of the UK's problems - only one party is unreservedly dedicated to putting the UK and its citizens first, and the first step towards that is returning political power from Brussels to the UK.