Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Roger Helmer to resign as Tory MEP

Tory MEP, Roger Helmer, has announced his resignation as an MEP with effect from the end of the year saying that he disagrees with 90% of Tory policies.

Sadly he isn't defecting to UKIP which would be the obvious thing for him to do as a Better Off Out signatory but is resigning as an MEP, saying that he was elected as a Conservative MEP and resigning is the "decent, honourable" thing to do.  Perhaps he could explain how that works to DCB?

Helmer said that he hopes to remain a member of the Tories but not everyone is convinced.  Whether he joins UKIP or not remains to be seen but I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall of Camoron's office right now.  A defection yesterday, a resignation today and all because he refuses to give us a referendum on our membership of the EU.  What a great leader he is.