Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sham EU referendum debate brought forward

Next Thursday's sham debate on EU membership has been pulled forward to Monday to make sure MPs aren't pressured into doing the right thing by their constituents.

David Camoron has ordered all Tory MPs to vote against a referendum on the EU and is considering using a three line whip - where MPs are threatened by the whips - to ensure that democracy is denied.  Many back bench MPs are employed by front bench MPs as secretaries and stand to lose their jobs for defying the whip and front bench MPs that defy the whip risk losing their jobs in cabinet reshuffles.  Camoron is actively campaigning against a referendum on the EU - another Cast Iron Guarantee™ broken.

According to the BBC, only 50 Tory MPs could rebel against their party - just one in six supposedly eurosceptic Tory MPs.  The motion has been scheduled as a result of a petition with over 100,000 signatures calling for a referendum being handing in to Downing Street.  Those 100,000 people will be ignored and 44m voters, most of which weren't old enough to vote in the only referendum on what is now the EU in 1975, will continue to be denied a vote on membership of the EU.

You now only have two days to contact your MP and tell them you want a referendum on the EU.
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