Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Italian Cabinet to be 100% unelected

The EU's new man in Italy, Prætor Mario Monti, has appointed his first cabinet today.

Like Monti, all 17 members of the cabinet are unelected and all are academics and economists.  The Italians have had a nationalist, corporatist government in living memory which didn't exactly go well yet according to an opinion poll by the Piepoli Institute, 53% of Italians support an unelected technocratic government.

The EU has now deposed two democratically elected leaders and installed eurocrats in their place.  Lord Tebbit suggests that the EU would be quite happy to install Nick Clegg as PM here if Cameron forgets which side of his bread is buttered.

One of Angela Merkel's cronies, the nationalist socialist homophobe, Volker Kauder, says that the UK should fall into line and stop opposing the Tobin Tax which would devastate our economy.  If Cameron doesn't capitulate on the Tobin Tax, will we see an attempt to overthrow the British government and install the euro extremist Clegg in his place?
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