Friday, 11 November 2011

Overthrowing leaders is an organised plot

A week ago we said that attempts to oust Papandreou shows the EU is out of control.

Nigel Farage picked up on the theme two days later, accusing David Cameron of "giving tacit agreement to the overthrow of European democracies" and the Spectator's Fraser Nelson follows up with details of a "hit squad" called the Frankfurt Group including Merkel and Sarkozy actively seeking the overthrow of non-compliant EU leaders.

Nelson's article is well worth a read and when reading it, bear in mind that the British government knows about this group and is allowing it to do what it does without any complaints or criticism.  David Cameron is, indeed, "giving tacit agreement to the overthrow of European democracies" as Farage said.

The only thing that spoils Fraser Nelson's article is that he finishes it off with a call for the Tories to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU rather than hauling them over the hot coals for running a europhile dictatorship and demanding they give us the referendum that everyone wants but which their tinpot dictator of a leader made sure we didn't get.  He knows as well as everyone else does that repatriation of powers isn't possible but he's a Tory supporter writing for a Tory-supporting paper so it's what you'd expect.

George Papandreou was the first leader to be overthrown by the Merkel-Sarkozy axis of evil, Silvio Berlusconi  is the second but certainly not the last.  There are another couple of petitions for an EU referendum that are on their way to securing another debate on a referendum but these are equally doomed to failure not just because Cameron is a eurofanatic but because he now knows that any leader opposing the EU will end up out of a job sharpish thanks to this so-called Frankfurt Group.  How much of a part did self-preservation play in his decision to issue a three-line whip to ensure we didn't get a referendum?

The only regime that needs overthrowing in Europe is the EU.
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