Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why Farage's battle is is harder than Churchill's

Churchill's battle was straight forward warfare. Their side, our side, men in uniform and war strategy.

This Battle is different, it's as though the British people are wearing Nazi uniforms and don't know they have got them on.

Nigel Farage's enemies are not Europeans as such, they are his own people who conspired secretly to surrender our country.  This Nation had been under attack for years before UKIP came on the scene,
the art of the Battle is mind games, the Enemy set out to change our way of thinking to drag us down into agreement with their plans without us knowing.

At this moment in time, if there was no UKIP there would be no hope, because the heart and mind of the Labour, Liberal and Tory voters have been so badly defeated they don't know they are in a real battle for the salvation of the country.  The minds of all these people have to be changed and that is no easy task.

European rulers are dead set on conquering Europe.  So you see, fighting your own people to get them to stand up for what is theirs is harder than the enemy getting them to surrender what is theirs. That is Brainwashing. UKIP is the de-brainwasher, very hard to do.
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