Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Woman arrested for racial abuse on London tram

A woman who has appeared on a YouTube video racially abusing passengers on a tram in London has been arrested.

The video has apparently had over 1m hits (although the version I found has only had 46k) after being mentioned on BBC Breakfast and has led to police finding her and arresting her.  While she is abusing passengers about not being English or British she is holding a young child which is hardly the best example of responsible parenting.

The views the woman has are undoubtedly shared by a lot of people but screaming them at people - any people - on a tram littered with foul language in front of your own child and other peoples' children is not appropriate.

I am assuming that someone on the tram made a complaint (and rightly so) but I wonder if the person who uploaded the video to YouTube rather than send it to the police is going to be punished for distributing offensive material?  After all, if it wasn't for the video being posted on the internet, no more than 30 people would have heard what was said rather than the million that have been exposed to it now.

Offending someone with your opinion shouldn't be illegal, aggressively shouting those views in an abusive manner at someone should be.
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