Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Angus Reid have UKIP on 6%, put UKIP in infographics

Polling company, Angus Reid, has UKIP on 6% in an opinion poll published today.

Labour are leading the pack with 37%, followed by the Tories on 35%.  The Lib Dem vote has rallied slightly from the doldrums that they found themselves in at the end of last year to 10% with UKIP's drop in the polls as a result of Cameron's fake veto proving to be temporary with a return to pre-vetogate levels.

You will notice that the graphic on the Angus Reid website for the poll result includes UKIP alongside the LibLabCon for the at-a-glance percentages.  Bloggers4UKIP can claim the credit for this, we have been talking to a VP at Angus Reid who has changed the template for their graphic to include UKIP.  Future poll results will include UKIP as a matter of course.  This is a positive and welcome step by Angus Reid who have recognised UKIP's consistent polling.  It remains to be seen whether other polling companies follow suit but we will be having similar conversations with them all.

Meanwhile, the English Democrats' fantasist and chief BNP recruiter, Steve Uncles, has claimed on his blog that UKIP has only 1% support.  Citing results of unspecified elections "in December" he "proves" that UKIP is the 7th party in the UK.  Yet this clearly bears no resemblance to any opinion poll or the results of any of the elections I am aware of that UKIP contested in December.

His "evidence" is of course meaningless because not all parties contest all elections.  The Greens, for instance, contested only one election in December and that was in Brighton & Hove which is unlike any other constituency in polling terms.  The English Democrats contested two that I'm aware of and bombed in both of them.  You could take the results of the by-elections in December and come up with an estimate of electoral support but it would bear no resemblance to reality.  It would be like predicting the results of a horse race by watching half the field cantering around a field a couple of times.  The only reason you would want to use such a small and disparate set of figures is if you want to mislead people for political gain.

Given that the English Democrats - who managed to lose to the Monster Raving loony Party in a by-election last year - don't even appear on his list, it's understandable that their de-facto leader and major creditor (over £26k last time I checked) is so threatened by UKIP that he would spend most of his time trying to discredit the party and its members and supporters rather than trying to sort out the toxic English Democrat brand.

The Junius libel factory has reposted Uncles' dodgy maths.  It was only a matter of time before this pair of anti-UKIP wasters got together over a pie and pint (or twelve), we can only assume that they're collaborating on their output of fantasies, libels and conspiracy theories.
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