Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cameron vetoes his own fake veto

David Cameron is being slated by some of his own MPs for allowing the €urozone members to use EU institutions that we're paying for to run their separate financial arrangements agreed before Christmas.

When Cast Iron Dave wielded his non-existent veto on the non-existent treaty at the end of last year he said he would block any attempts to use EU institutions to carry out their dirty work but true to form, he has capitulated and we will be paying a sizeable chunk of their administration costs through our EU budget contributions which will need to increase to cover the cost of the extra work that they'll be doing absorbing the €urozone economies into a Greater German economic zone.

The EU Act, introduced by the Tories because they said we needed legal protection from the EU, has yet to stop a single EU power grab or major change to our relationship with them.  While this change doesn't give the EU any more power over us at the moment, it will cost us a lot of money at a time when we don't have any and services are being cut to save cash.  To hand over even more money to run an undemocratic fiscal union when cuts are being made to essential public services is morally wrong at the very least.

As for the supposed "rebel" Tories ... well, not one of them has been principled enough to stop propping up their own treasonous leadership so far and there's very little sign of it happening any time soon.
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