Friday, 17 February 2012

72 year old UKIP candidate assaulted by Tory councillor

A UKIP member was assaulted by a Tory councillor at an election count in Lymington last month.

Cllr Penny Jackman:
beat up a pensioner
The surprising attack on 72 year old UKIP candidate, Mike Beggs, by Councillor Penny Jackman has just been made public by the Southern Daily Echo.  Councillor Jackman has apologised and it would appear that Beggs has accepted the apology and isn't taking it any further.

Councillor Jackman took exception to an election leaflet that Beggs had produced criticising the Tories in Lymington - and Councillor Jackman in particular, who is quoted as saying "let's shut the buggers down" - for trying to evict their local cricket club from the cricket ground it's called home for the last 175 years.  Jackman verbally abused Beggs and then slapped him in the face, breaking his false teeth.

It looks like the Tories are still the nasty party ... at least in Lymington.