Friday, 3 February 2012

Lib Dems reported to police in Ibstock & Heather by-election

UKIP is contesting an election in 2 weeks' time in the Ibstock & Heather ward of North West Leicestershire District Council.

Where are the other three candidates Kim?
The Lib Dems are desperate to revive their flagging fortunes and win this by-election judging by Kim Wyatt's leaflet which is almost entirely negative and consists mainly of comments about the Labour and Tory candidates living outside of the ward.

According to Wyatt's leaflet, voters have a choice of Labour or the Lib Dems and the Tory can't win.  In fact, if you read the leaflet, you would be forgiven for thinking that there were only three candidates in the by-election. The Lib Dems have gone to great lengths to mislead voters, making no mention of the UKIP, Green or Independent candidates and even going as far as doctoring the Statement as the persons nominated published by the council to show only three candidates.

We are told that the returning officer at North West Leicestershire District Council is so unimpressed at the doctoring of an official document and using it to mislead voters and exert undue influence over the election that it has been referred to the police.

Just to clarify: the UKIP candidate, Jakob Whiten, doesn't live in the Ibstock & Heather ward either.  He does, however, live within walking distance of Ibstock and went to school in Ibstock.  He says that he loves Ibstock and spends a lot of time there.  He also doesn't try to mislead voters.