Monday, 27 February 2012

We're broke but still spending £73m a day on EU and international aid

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has given a stark warning that the UK has run out of money and they will not fund any more tax cuts or spending increases with borrowing.

This is clearly a sop to the credit reference agencies who have threatened us with a downgrade.  It also sets expectations low so when he finds a few million down the back of the sofa to pay for something nice everyone will be impressed by his financial genius and perhaps the big bad Tories aren't so bad after all.  Or so the theory goes.

Meanwhile, the economic mastermind that is George Osborne is still handing over £50m a day to the EU and £23m a day in international aid to, amongst others, Argentina.

The answer to our economic problems does not lie within the EU.  We can't afford the £50m a day membership fee or the extra £30m or so a day in extra costs related to membership.  We can't afford the guilt by association that comes with membership of the EU damaging our economy.  We can't afford to subsidise the crooks behind the global warming scam or the scam itself.  We can't afford to keep imposing high taxes on people and businesses that stifle economic growth and increase reliance on the welfare state.