Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's not rocket science: Vote UKIP

It's just over a week until the English local elections and the ConDems (but mainly the Tories) are starting to panic about the UKIP effect.

The Lib Dems are flapping for obvious reasons - UKIP topped them in the polls for two days last week and the two were level last night.  The Lib Dem propaganda machine (and it's very effective) will be gearing up over the next week to explain to prospective Lib Dem voters just how desperate things are for them.

The Tories are flapping because they stand to lose the most to UKIP.  They're putting out the message that a vote for UKIP in London is a vote for Red Ken.  Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess but it speaks volumes about the Tories.

Let's be very clear about this.  If you agree with UKIP on the EU, on the economy, on schools, on health, on defence, on transport, then vote for UKIP.  Forget about whether Boris or Ken or the Tories or Labour will win - your vote alone is unlikely to make a difference but even if it does, so what?  If everyone voted for the party or candidate they wanted to win, politics would be so much different.

If you vote for someone you don't want because you think it'll stop someone else you don't want from winning you're probably going to end up being represented by someone you don't want.  It's not rocket science.
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