Sunday, 8 April 2012

Looks like a UKIPper, talks like a UKIPper, acts like a Tory

UKIP in his heart,
Tory in his pocket
The latest gem from the Tory vote splitter, Dan Hannan MEP, is priceless:
I think I've decided what to do when I put myself out of a job as an MEP. The next big task, once we're safely out of the EU, will be to repair the Anglosphere: the community of free English-speaking democracies.
He looks like a UKIPper, talks like a UKIPper but acts like a Tory.  He talks up his eurosceptic credentials but he's still supporting the most pro-EU Tory government since Ted Heath and serving the only Tory prime minister ever to actively campaign against a referendum on our membership of the EU.

Dan Hannan isn't a real eurosceptic and he does very little to advance the cause of euroscepticism by splitting the eurosceptic vote and attracting eurosceptics to the europhile Tories.  The only way he's going to put himself out of a job is by doing the decent thing and resigning as an MEP.