Sunday, 6 May 2012

Greeks go to the polls today

Greeks have gone to the polls today, bringing to an end 5 months of EU suzerainty under the Brussels-appointed economist, Lucas Papademos.

The vote is expected to be split significantly by a myriad of predominantly left wing anti-austerity parties started by rebel MPs from the establishment parties who all supported the EU-imposed austerity measures that have devastated the country.

Opinion polling has been banned in the run-up to the election but the last lot of polling conducted showed both PASOK and New Democracy set to take a drubbing in the election.  The ironic thing is, the level of opposition to the Greek government and EU austerity will probably save the establishment parties because there are so many new opposition parties vying for the protest vote that most of them will struggle to get enough votes to get MPs elected.

Here's a prediction: in the next few days we will see a PASOK-New Democracy minority government formed.  Such a coalition will be necessary to impose the EU's will on Greece, protect the €uro and keep collaborator politicians in power.  A minority government or rainbow coalition would be too fragile to guarantee the passage of new austerity measures in June and a pro-EU and pro-€uro government in perpetuity so the two will be forced together through internal pressure and pressure from the EU and IMF.