Wednesday, 13 June 2012

80% want an EU referendum

A Populus poll for the Daily Express published yesterday shows that 80% want a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.  Half of those polled said they wanted a referendum right now.

This needs no commentary: everyone knows that most people want an EU referendum, that most people want out of the EU and that the pro-EU Tories won't give us one.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep plugging away at Cameron in the vague hope that he might remember what democracy actually means so here's the email I just sent him ...
Dear Mr Cameron,

Another poll shows most people in the UK want a referendum on our membership of the EU.

You have made it abundantly clear that you personally support ever closer union and the eventual subsumption of my country into a United States of Europe but this is not what the majority of the population wants and I personally believe that what millions of people want is more important than what you want. A Populus poll this week says 80% of people want a referendum - you won't find a poll that says we don't want one.

You say the economy is more important than an EU referendum but bizarrely prioritise changing the law on royal succession which nobody gives a damn about.

To say that the public don't want an EU referendum is entirely dishonest and to continue to deny one is undemocratic. You claim to be neither so please confirm you will carry out the clearly expressed wishes of an overwhelming majority of the electorate and hold a referendum at the soonest opportunity.