Friday, 1 June 2012

Irish turkeys vote for Christmas

Ireland has committed economic and political suicide, voting 60.3% versus 39.7% to accept the EU's fiscal treaty which will hand ultimate control of the Irish economy over to unelected €urocrats.

I hear you'd like to complain
about your tax bill
A lot of people - UKIP included - put a lot of time, money and effort into the Irish referendum trying to balance up the state-sponsored propaganda in support of the treaty and help the Irish people make an informed decision.  In the end, "fear triumphed over anger" as Guido succinctly puts it - the Irish people feared the economic and political incompetence of their politicians more than the fear of being permanently shackled to the failing single currency.

All is not lost yet though, the French might insist on a redrafting of the treaty which will trigger another Irish referendum and a lot can happen in just a few weeks when such grossly negligent and incompetent people are running the €urozone.  Ireland may yet see sense and get out while it can but they're going to need a bit of help from Monsieur Hollande.