Thursday, 21 June 2012

The truly pathetic Nick Clegg

Just when you thought the esteem in which he is held couldn't sink any lower, Nick Clegg has surpassed himself.

"Gay Marriage is inevitable" he declared today, adding for good measure that it "must happen now" and that "opponents would not stop the change".

Now, you may think that gay marriage should be brought in now, but to state it must be suggests some form of time dependency that flies completely in the face of its supposed "inevitability". (Incidentally a very  weak intellectual argument in itself - 'inevitable' in the same way that Britain joining the Euro was 'inevitable', eh, Nick? But I digress.)

But the reason one suspects that gay marriage must be brought in now has more to do with the fact that Clegg is deeply concerned about his own political legacy than about gay people who want to get spliced. Acutely aware that he has precious little to show for his time in the British political sun, which is perhaps already past it's meridian, and maybe fearing that Britain's exclusion from the coming FiskalUnion will consign him to second-rank status upon his return to Brussels, Clegg perhaps senses that his career will be judged a failure and is thus desperate to get gay marriage and Lord's reform through Parliament.

But the true arrogance of the man was revealed in his remark that  "opponents would not stop the change". Really? So it's already decided? So the will of Parliament and democracy counts for nothing? With break-taking hypocrisy, later in the day he attacked the undemocratic nature of the House of Lords. A perfectly valid point in itself, but rather rich from a man who had, notoriously, been all in favour of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and when the rubber hit the road told his troops to abstain.

Clegg is the poster child for the over-privileged Metropolitan Liberal Classes. The living embodiment of the fact that high intelligence and wisdom are very often negatively correlated. He clearly lacks all self-awareness and cannot see the discrepancy in attacking the internships he directly benefited from when  a young man, or promoting gay marriage at the same time as sending his children to Roman Catholic schools, or denouncing the Lords as undemocratic while worshipping at the altar of the European Union.

The man is simply wretched. Let us hope at the next election we will finally see the back of him.