Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spare a thought for those less fortunate

While UKIP members are still basking in the 12% predicted vote share - in front of the Lib Dems once again - in Sunday's Survation poll, we should spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves.  No, I'm not referring to the Lib Dems, I mean the English Democrats.

The political brain behind the English Democrats' consistently disastrous performance at every election they contest bar one and the man responsible for their awful public profile, terrible reputation, the BNP takeover of their party and attempted deals with terrorists, Steve Uncles, has read the Survation polling data and taken heart from the fact that 10% of the voting intention was for "nationalists".

Except it's not.  The 10% the English Democrats are laying claim to is all non LibLabCon and UKIP votes.  In this respect the English Democrats are not unlike the Tories who think they have an automatic right to any eurosceptic vote.  These "nationalists" include the Greens and Respect, one-world communists who have less respect for nations than Steve Uncles has for mentally-ill, suicidal bloggers and over half of the "other" votes was for the Green Party.

It's easy to see where the English Democrats are going wrong though when you consider that their campaigns guru is trying to spin an opinion poll where the English Democrats came bottom of the list of voting intentions as being a good thing rather than pretending it didn't happen as you would expect when the polling company can only find two people who said they would vote for you.

The "other" parties break down as follows:

Green 5.1%
SNP 2.2%
BNP 1.8%
Respect 0.5%
Plaid Cymru 0.3%
English Democrats 0.2%
Another Party 0.2%
Undecided 0.5%
Refuse 1%

Over half the "other" votes would go to the Greens, a party that's pretty much the polar opposite of the English Democrats.  Despite plundering the BNP's membership for assorted knuckledraggers and holocaust deniers, nine times as many people were less embarrassed to say they'd vote for the tainted BNP than the English Democrats.  The Respect Party, represented by George Galloway who's managed to offend half the population in the last couple of weeks trying to play down rape and now calling a Twitter follower a "window licker", can expect more than double the votes of the English Democrats.  The SNP can expect 2.2% of the UK-wide vote despite only contesting seats in Scotland and Plaid Cymru can expect 0.3% despite contesting only Welsh seats yet the English Democrats, who they proclaim as the English version of the SNP, can expect just 0.2% of the vote from contesting elections in 85% of the UK.

These aren't encouraging results for the English Democrats, they're an embarrassment second only to the embarrassment that has publicised them.  And to think, this is the party that said it was going to beat UKIP in the Barnsley by-election!

If there is anyone left in joke of an outfit who's serious about politics and isn't a BNP reject, come and join the other half of the English Democrats who've already made the move to UKIP.