Saturday, 4 August 2012

Why does Dave lie about his EU veto? No comment.

Some time ago I wrote to Devious Dave the Dictator of Downing Street asking him why he continues to lie about wielding a veto at a meeting of the EU Council last year when the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have confirmed that no EU Treaty was drafted at the European Council in December.

It's taken a while but I finally received a response in the post yesterday:
Dear Councillor Parr

I am writing on the Prime Minister's behalf in response to your email of 1 July regarding your recent correspondence with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  I am sorry that you feel unable to accept the Department's response.

The Department will have examined all aspects of your correspondence very carefully and I regret that we are unable to add anything further to the Department's reply.

I am sorry to send what I know will be a disappointing reply.

Yours sincerely

Neal Illegible
Correspondence Officer
Well done Neal, you'll go far.  Answering my question with the answer to a completely different question whilst studiously ignoring your master's repeated lies is sure to earn you a promotion this year.

I have responded as follows:
Dear Dave,

I have today received a response to an email I sent you some time ago regarding your continued claims that you wielded a veto in December but the response is far from satisfactory.

The letter - penned by one of your staff - says that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office will have investigated my queries already and you have nothing to add.  They did indeed investigate my request for a copy of the Treaty you have repeatedly claimed to veto and advised me that "no EU Treaty was drafted at the European Council in December".

What they haven't investigated and clearly wouldn't be in a position to investigate is the reason why you are repeatedly dishonestly claiming to have vetoed a Treaty that didn't exist.  Only you can answer that.

So once again, please can you advise why you continue to claim that you wielded a veto in December last year when there was no Treaty to veto?

Cllr Stuart Parr
UKIP Parish Councillor