Thursday, 13 September 2012

BAE Systems and Barroso's New EU Empire: A Perfect Storm For Cast Iron Dave

With truly impeccable timing, on the day that Barroso ripped off the mask and urged upon us the formation of the European Superstate, BAE announced a proposed takeover by the European defence giant EADS, in part owned by the German and French governments.

You and I might think that Ol' Cast Iron would have to have a death wish to allow the merger to go through, but lets face it he is a Tory "leader", and therefore his default setting is one of myopia and cowardice.

In his blog Iain Martin lays out a case to block the merger, but  he really is not thinking big enough when he outlines some of the political consequences. In his analysis, once they had a controlling interest,  the German and French governments could use the potential for British job losses as a bargaining chip with our future relationship with the coming EU superstate. 

True, but the long term implications are much, much worse. As Nigel Farage states, what is emerging is a new EU Dictatorship. Encircling us at it will from the channel to the Irish border, our position will feel somewhat insecure at the best of times. Now, it would be stretching it rather too much  to think that a future EU superpower would actively seek to wage war on the UK, but what counts here is the intimidation factor in our future relationship. A UK outside the EU super power but without a sovereign defence capability may be not that much better off than within it.

Even Dave must understand that how he handles the BAE issue will be seen among many as an important litmus test to his attitude towards future EU negotiations, where the future destiny of our country will be decided.

If he bottles this, then it really is time for those Tory MPs flirting with UKIP to put up, or shut up.