Saturday, 15 September 2012

BNP fined for late accounts

The Electoral Commission has fined the BNP for filing its 2010 accounts late.

The accounts were eventually filed with the Electoral Commission in February this year and resulted in a £2,700 fine.

The Electoral Commission said:
People have a right to know how parties are funded and how they spend their money.
Quite.  We're still waiting for an explanation as to why the Lib Dems were allowed to keep £2.4m of stolen money donated to them by convicted fraudster Micheal Brown through his offshore company that doesn't trade in the UK whilst UKIP was pursued relentlessly through the courts by the Electoral Commission for the forfeiture of £350k donated by a retired bookmaker who lives in the UK and isn't a crook but who was mysteriously removed from the electoral register by his local authority without his knowledge.

It's absolutely right to fine the BNP because they wilfully broke electoral law by not filing their accounts in the full knowledge that they were breaking the law and would be fined.  The Electoral Commission is very uneven in the enforcement of its rules though, giving the LibLabCon a free rein to take money from crooks and frauds but coming down hard on anyone who challenges the status quo.