Monday, 17 September 2012

Farage loses appeal against damp rag fine

Nigel Farage has predictably lost his appeal against the fine unelected President of the EU Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, gave him for calling Herman Van Rumpy-Pumpy a damp rag.

The ruling that his appeal was inadmissible was based on a technicality and he is now considering an appeal to the EU Court of Justice - the parent court to the EU general court that made made today's ruling.  He is arguing that it is a matter of free speech and that he should have immunity in the EU Parliament as all the crooks, con artists, communists and Nazis do.
It is vital that the freedom of speech of all elected members be upheld in parliament. Freedom of speech is not just for supporters of the EU's political union.
Sadly the damp rag tea towels that were being sold in honour of Farage's altercation with the wet brussel sprout are out of stock but I'm sure more could be made if there was enough call for them.